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Are you currently searching for a new factory/brand?
How wonderful would it be to have a messenger app that enables order
(cut) number-based management?
GARMNTT can fulfill all your needs

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-Business Model Patent (Dec. 2022)
-Collaboration Tool Patent Pending (10-2021-006818)


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    Compare and transact with existing and new contractors simultaneously
    By using GARMNTT platform, you can manage efficiently with the existing clients and you can be recommended a new client with just a click whenever you need it.
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    Request to contract in 5minutes
    It takes only 5 minutes to input the production request. Select the existing contractor and/or GARMNTT you want to request and then press SEND. You will be recommended the best clients.
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    Recommend verified factories and mediate in case of disputes
    GARMNTT only approves premium membership for verified brands and factories. In case of any issues during transactions, we also provide mediation services.
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    Automatically generate collaboration chat rooms for each contract
    GARMNTT service specialized for faster garment production along with messenger and collaboration services can improve your production quality and due date. And collaboration tool will significantly reduce mistakes caused by miscommunication.
GARMNTT understands the concerns and demands of garment manufacturers well.


  • Download The Free App
    Select Apple or Google Store to install. After GARMNTT is installed, click allow to access.
    Please allow permissions for camera, notifications, etc
  • Sign up & login
    Choose Brand Premium (Beta Free) if you want to receive recommendations for new factories. Manufacturers, please sign up for specific services.
  • Ready to Use
    Brand (designers) can place requests in just 5 minutes. After that, experience significant time savings and increased efficiency with AI. Manufacturers can also choose the desired jobs they want.
  • Invite accounts and users
    Register (invite) users, including managers, to use the app alongside existing business partners on the home screen. Brand Premium members can request quotes and delivery dates from both existing partners and GARMNTT, allowing for easy comparison and contracting.


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Cancel at any time.
Are you tired of exchanging production requests
through messenger or email and struggling with
the inconvenience of managing everything in a single chat room?
Searching for past records has been time-consuming,
and you haven't received timely recommendations for new business partners either.
Don't wait any longer.

Join GARMNTT today!
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If you're curious
Check out the FAQ
Do I only use GARMNTT when I get a recommendation for a new factory and trade?
GARMNTT offers not only a service to be recommended and traded in a new factory, but also a service to quickly and efficiently trade with the factories you are currently dealing with and have production management conversations with your smartphone.
When is the overseas factory and service available?
Currently, we provide transaction-related services between clothing companies and sewing factories, focusing on LA, MEXICO, and Java markets. In October 2023, we will expand our services to include pattern-making, sampling, cutting, and packing . We also plan to launch overseas factory recommendation services for China, Vietnam, and other countries by the end of 2023
How much cost savings do I get from using this service?
It may vary depending on the size of clothing brand companies and supply chain types, but if clothing brands that usually trade with three sewing factories commission 20 styles per month, they can save an average of 20 to 30 hours of working hours per month. However, IT services that enable you to quickly get better accounts and meet good quality and delivery times, rather than saving time, increase the value of your enterprise that cannot be translated into money.
Is GARMNTT responsible for quality, delivery, and labor law issues?
GARMNTT is a platform that helps make good quality and price clothes, from production requests between clothing brands and clothing manufacturing plants, to selecting traders, production management, and collaboration, by the day you want, not by manufacure. All transaction records are kept in the Google Cloud and under the Privacy Act, Google and Apple do not easily open information, so it is much safer than keeping it in paper documents.
If I invite the factory I'm currently trading to the app and use it together, won't information leak to the competitor?
No, like a friend on Kakaotalk, the factory you invited can only deal with you. The information of the factories invited by the brand member is not exposed to other companies besides you.
If I post a production request on the app, won't my design information be leaked?
No, only the factories you commission can view the request information, and as soon as the contract is made with one factory, the other cannot. If you request to us, only two or three factories that we recommend can see the request information, which is also not available to other factories at the same time as the contract. If you don't delete Kakao Talk immediately, the other factory owners who sent the request can continue to see it, right? We can't see anything other than the contracted factory.
When will the paid service be available?
I think GARMNTT will continue to give you the style work that many sewing factory owners want with good labor, and I think you deserve a fee when you make money by saving a lot of time.


Leads digital transformation for clothing manufacturers.
A world where all clothing manufacturers
WIN by digitally transforming in all areas of trade,
production management, communication, collaboration, and payment in the world's 770 billion dollars
in clothing manufacturing industry.


  • CEO Won
    LA junior Brand
    I have been trading through GARMNTT for more than 20 cases, but I have never traded lower than the requested price. I trust that GARMNTT offers a fair price in the middle and mediates.
  • Mr. Jung
    LA Sewing Factory
    I can pick and receive the work I want, and since production request information and conversation records are all in my cell phone, it's nice to be able to answer right away while golfing.
  • Mr. Choi
    LA Brand
    It was very difficult to find and request a sewing factory because the number of longevity was low and it was difficult to make a request, but I was introduced to a good factory in one day. The middleman also manages it, so there has never been a problem with quality or delivery time.
  • Mr. Kang
    LA Sewing Factory
    I do business with good brands through GARMNTT. Moreover, it is so good that I can even manage production through the app.